Who Has Time for Blogging Anymore?

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Back when the whole Web got rolling, the growth in personal publishing took that form of personal “home pages.” People (yep, like me) purchased a domain, set up hosting, learned a little HTML, and started telling the world whatever they felt like talking about.

Then came the blogging revolution. Great tools like WordPress made it easier to publish. And so, the hyper-personalized, increasingly democratized web of ideas expanded even faster.

Then…and yes, this is an over simplification…came a phase that I like to think of as the reverse big bang. A consolidation phase. Facebook mainly, and Twitter. There was no longer as much of a need to learn personal publishing tools for one’s own website, when most “publishing” from individuals became micropublishing, in the form of tweets and posts on Facebook. We lost our “own” spaces and willingly became part of the stream.

So then, here’s my blog. Admittedly boring and lifeless. It’s still here, as sort of an historic record. But even for that, its pretty damn thin.

I put little or no time into writing anything here, or on any of my other sites. Instead, I post on Facebook (albeit less and less, as I’ve gotten bored with that experience).

And I’ve been enjoying a more photographic form of storytelling and updates on life on Instagram. You can find me there. And when you do, please say hello.