Only our best selves, our most glamorous moments

Only our best selves and most glorious, picture-perfect moments. It’s what we all put forward on social media. Photos of the magical moments. A great view, pretty people laughing or doing something “inspiring,” cute kids, amazing experiences.

But is that really who we are? Sure, SOME of the time. Of course. But, if that’s all we ever put out there for the world to see,….Are we being honest? …with others or even with ourselves?

So.. As promised @danreardon, here’s a human moment. NOT a cute baby pic. Quite the opposite. A baby that seems in distress, for at least an hour, and a frustrated parent. I even sing…very poorly.

My challenge to anyone reading this: post something in the next 24 hours that is NOT your best self. Be human, be vulnerable, be honest.


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