Malibu Surfside News: Ride of The Week


Fun with Fireball.

The Malibu Surfside News, a local newspaper, has an auto column called Ride of the Week written by Fireball Tim Lawrence. Fireball is a car guy, and every week he features a Malibu local and his/her cool car. He wanted to run a motorcycle feature every once in a while. And he contacted me to feature my 1979 BMW customized by Deus ex Machina in Venice, a bike I named “Complexus ex Simplex.”

So he took some cool photos at the Pier, interviewed me, and wrote a nice article about the bike, with a bit about our family and why we love Malibu.

And it also does a nice job summarizing some of the work I do in my professional life. Here it is: Ride of the Week: Matthew Burgess’ 1979 BMW R100S Cafe Racer

A quote from me in the article:
“As a member of the Venice Vintage Motorcycle Club, my heart is with vintage bikes. Although I ride it frequently into Venice, it’s not really the best commuter bike. It’s tight and fast with an aggressive stance; endless fun in the canyons around Malibu. Complexus ex Simplex is ‘complexity from simplicity,’ the emergence of beauty and elegance from simple things/forms/patterns, as embodied in the Fibonacci sequence of numbers, the golden ratio, and as seen throughout nature. This concept is representative of something that has always helped me get my head around the great unknowns of our universe and guides me in life: the empirical truth that great complexity in nature emerges from simplicity. Riding a motorcycle is an experiential manifestation of this: the joy, the peace, and the complex, textured richness of life’s experiences that often come from the simplest of things. Surfing has this same effect on me.”