No Excuses – Only Results Matter

Today I went running with my boys….so I could better serve my family.

I’m in a situation. One that needs fixing. Fast.

This is how I put it to my wife last night. In the last week, I’ve been the most unproductive productive guy I know. That is, when I kick ass, I really do. And I’d bet I rate pretty high, in general, in terms of being effective, pushing my limits, getting new and awesome things done.

When I do.

But then there are those times that I don’t. Like this week.

OK, sure, we had a baby less than 2 weeks ago.

We have a new infant and a 4 year old in the house. So I’m not trying to be hard on myself.

Sleep patterns have been disrupted. Ohhh yes. And consistently deep and restorative sleep is a foundational part of my health and well being. So much in our lives starts with good sleep. So…that’s gone. For now.

And it’s certainly “All hand on deck” time at home, as we adjust to having our new amazing little human in our routine, and we do everything we can to make sure she thrives. So I haven’t had time to get at my work. And when I do, its been VERY hard to get deep into any working zone, where I’m deep enough, for long enough, that I NEED to be super effective.

So….I could “blame” my lack of productivity and effectiveness on the family expansion.

But I’m not interested in blame. Blame is about making excuses and giving yourself a pass. Blame is a perspective, a lens through which we choose to view facts. Even if there is an obvious causal connection, as I’d bet most people would say is my case, if doesn’t HELP to view the cause as blame.

Blame is justification. I don’t want justification for failing to get important things done. I don’t need it.

Blame and justification are what I can use to explain to others, in hopes that they will “understand” and not think less of me. I don’t need that either.

It won’t make me feel any better. It won’t help others that are counting on me to deliver. And it sure as shit won’t pay for healthy meals and tuition for my children.

ALL that matters is RESULTS.

Super successful people don’t stop for a second in their lives and ponder how external things justify their lack of results. They don’t fucking care. It’s not part of their mindset.

And if I care about results, then all the above information is just that: information. Data for my analysis on what to do next.

Life is ALWAYS going to throw something at us that will disrupt our patterns, be those sleep patterns, creativity flow, money making, happiness, whatever. They might be amazing disruptions, like welcoming the most joyous little nugget of love into our family. And they might be shitty things.

Either way, if we want results, we have to choose our lens. We can choose a distorted lens. We can find blame and justification, and in doing so, spend yet another day giving ourselves a pass and hoping others won’t judge us.

Or we can choose a less distorted lens, not clouded by fear of failure, blame, justification.

I choose to be in control. I choose to move forward and get results.

And sometimes that starts with something simple. Making your bed. Doing 10 sit ups. Being in control, making a commitment to yourself, however small, following through, and celebrating it.

Then rinse, repeat, and go after bigger stuff.

So today, I got up at 5 and and went for a run with my guys. Tribe time.

And by 7 am, I felt more energized and in control that I’ve felt most days in the last week, at any time.

And holy shit, look at this… I’m writing. Something I want to do, but I just haven’t gotten it done.

Big things today. I’m moving forward. No more fucking around. And NO excuses.

Only results.

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