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After two years of struggling with zero net income following a heartbreaking divorce, Matthew helped me take steps leading to a 25k monthly income after just four months of coaching.
— Coaching Client


Coaching growth-stage entrepreneurs and executives to level up, break through self-limiting obstacles, and get bigger results, more consistently.

In a working alliance, we find the fire that burns within you, discover where it is destructive and where it brings warmth and creates value…And we explore how to stoke it with the right fuel.

I call this Ember Coaching.

My coaching is a unique combination of:

  • problem-solving for growth-stage businesses AND

  • personal development and human potential optimization.

Together, we create a confidential container where it is safe to be vulnerable and talk about things you can’t discuss with your partners, team, or other advisers.

Questions We May Explore:

  • From where have you sourced your power and performance in the past, and how can you get it back?

  • How can you close the gap between present performance and true potential?

  • What are your core values and aspirational goals? What changes are needed to get there?

  • What are the obstacles to making a desired change?

  • What is the current awareness level to present behaviors?

  • What are the competing priorities that might surface along the pathway to change

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“Matthew has a core competency in moving people and businesses forward. He has been unrelentingly selfless and dedicated in helping me and my business identify and clear obstacles. He rolls up his sleeves and gets in the weeds, getting things unstuck when and where it is most needed. Every minute we’re together, Matthew is fully present, thoughtful, discreet and in complete integrity. I’m grateful for his friendship and feel empowered by his acumen. I couldn’t recommend him highly enough for anyone who needs an ally in building a thriving and profitable business.”
— Tyler Suchman, Tribal Core
Matthew is a wonderful coach. I’ve worked with him for the last three months. And during that time, I’ve launched my podcast, and secured a number of sponsors in support of the podcast. I’ve gotten really clear on my direction over the course of the next year. I think he has a huge heart for supporting people. He’s got a great combination of intelligence and insight as well as compassion. He blends nicely the firm questions with a supportive heart. I highly recommend Matthew as a coach.
— Michael Trainer, Peak Mind

Getting Unstuck


At one time or another, even the highest performers get stuck. Or held back from true potential.

One level of “stuck” can be completely frozen; a deer in the headlights of progress.

Or it may be simply the inability to move and change rapidly enough to capitalize on the amazing opportunities for growth and success laid out right in front of us.

Something in life is unsettled, unknown, in motion, or drifting away. Change, as well as the yearning for great change, naturally stirs anxiety and unease.

We can get in our own way.

Intellectually, we may know the obstacles we face: our unhelpful habits, ways of being, ways our shadows manifest, our Inner Critic voices, or our limiting beliefs.

But change is difficult when we attempt objectivity while being the subject. Our intellectual understanding of our obstacles prompts us to act, but our way of being is often so ingrained that we cannot observe it or reflect on the action required.

The object stance allows us to take a step back and observe and reflect on ourselves, including unexamined beliefs and ways of making meaning of our world.

This is what coaching can help you do.

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Quote from a Client:

After two years of struggling with zero net income following a heartbreaking divorce, Matthew helped me take steps leading to a 25k monthly income after just four months of coaching.

I came to Matthew at my wits end, nearly ready to give up, sell everything and just live on a tropical Island teaching scuba diving for the rest of my life.

He has been a caring, empathetic listener with fantastic business and personal insights that made a real difference in my life.  He asked excellent questions about what is important to me, what my skills are, and what things might be a great match for me specifically. As a result, I have ended up in a position that is a great fit for who I am, with consulting on the side that rounds out the financial picture and provides additional growth opportunities while keeping me sharp for my primary job.

Just two months after starting my new job, Matthew helped me negotiate a raise and promotion matching the contributions that I was making already.  I was so grateful just to have a job and a place to go, and therefore reluctant to ask for anything, but he helped me to ask for the value I was providing in a gracious and tactful way that delivered great results.

I am so very thankful for all of Matthew’s help, and look forward to working with him for many years to come.

my coaching approach

Many coaches prefer to stay away from a tactical problem-solving engagement, leaving this to “consultants,” and instead focus solely on guiding the client to source their own answers by discovering their higher self.

In my coaching experience and style, there is a place for both. There can be a healthy balance in a coaching relationship.

In fact, they are intertwined. Every instance of being stuck on a near-term problem may be an opportunity to observe how you show up for everything. We can solve strategic and tactical business problems, and we will also observe and reflect on how they might reveal lessons for growth.

Problem-Solving Elements of Coaching

And as an entrepreneur who has built many businesses, with many successes and failures under my belt, I have faced and solved many kinds of business problems and challenges. It is my intention to call upon this experience to help you solve problems and overcome business challenges quickly.

I often can and will offer opinions, suggestions and possible solutions on specific business issues. For example, if getting “unstuck” means sorting out which tools to use in your marketing tech stack, we WILL solve that.

Developmental and Transformational elements of coaching

  • Explore your values system, and engage in a bigger vision of what you aspire to.

  • Define broad aspirational goals that you’re committed to living into.

  • Examine deeper obstacles that need to be uncovered in order to create more lasting change.

  • Consider behavioral changes that are necessary to overcoming obstacles and achieving success.

  • Focus on a more enduring change that transcends any one issue, allowing you to lean into all your inspiring and aspirational goals going forward.

What To Do Next

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I am so glad I reconnected with Matthew again, and that I have had the opportunity to connect with him as a coach. He is so giving in his dedication and time. He clearly pointed out the obstacles he saw, helped me to realize and truly identify with some repeating patterns in my life. He comes to each session fully present, willing to give his time and attention. He holds me accountable and helps to keep me dedicated to my intentions/goals. I value his friendship, connection and coaching in my life as I continue this journey forward.
— Noel Teubner

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